This blog is a retrospective rethink on what I do with my time.

It’s about the things I build, people I know, places I visit, festivals, orgs, and artists I love, and events I visit only on the internet.

It’s set up this way:

World:  Where I went.  Maybe you were there.  Maybe it was your show.

Web:  What the internet tells me about.  Likely a show that made me want to visit your city.

Work:  What I’ve done.  What I’m doing now.  Maybe you helped me put it together.

Hopefully it’s interesting to builders, collaborators, and lovers of electronic and installation art.

And about me?

In the mid 90s to mid 2000s I made a bunch of things:  lighting design for theatre, experimental video, narrationless documentary, sound map installations, field recording mashups, granular synthesis, and xmas neuron decorations for my living room.

More recently I’ve been building interactive installations.  These large collaborative projects usually involve creepylovely toy-like ‘bots’.  So far, I’ve hosted these installations during Nuit Blanche in Toronto and at the Electric Eclectics festival in Meaford, ON.  The art I make is about mediated intimacy.

I’ve had jobs as a theatre technician, arts manager, stone masonry apprentice and drystone waller.  I’ve worked and volunteered for a number of arts festivals and non-profits.  I’m currently the research and outreach coordinator for a national research network and have been working on my PhD in philosophy of language at York University.  I keep a photoblog of my beautiful commute.  It’s all part of the mix.



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